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As known, over many years one of the world giants in the field of oil related services - Parker Drilling provides drilling services for Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO), developing one of the largest fields of raw hydrocarbons in Kazakhstan.

    In 2017 KPO announced tender for supply of drilling rigs for works at Karachaganak in 2018-2022.

KMG Drilling & Services LLP held negotiations with Parker Drilling for participation in the tender, and companies submitted joint tender application to KPO.

As a result of the tender, the Agreement for supply of onshore drilling rigs was concluded in February 2018.

Drilling of as many as 20 producing wells and 4 injection wells is planned for 3 years under the Agreement.

Approximately 140 employees will be involved in the project, and 92% of them include Kazakhstani specialists and workers.

Commencement of operations is planned for summer 2018.

Implementing previous agreements, the package of documents was signed on March 14, 2018 in Astana, according to which KMG Drilling & Services LLP was assigned with 49% of share in KMG Parker Drilling Company LLP (KPDC), which will provide drilling services as per the Agreement.

In accordance with the incorporation documents, the core commercial activity of KPDC includes provision of drilling services in oil&gas industry onshore, offshore and inland water; maintenance, current repair, overhaul and well service, development and testing of oil and gas wells, rendering other related services.

This project has a great value. Experience of working through KPDC provides opportunities to adopt the best practices, expertise, technologies and control systems, and, in perspective, to effectively operate at other oil&gas projects in Kazakhstan as a drilling contractor. Along with that, this event has a special meaning, taking into account that the Kazakhstani company succeeded in a breakthrough project in the market of oil related services and confirmed status of equal partner with the foreign company of the highest level.





KIOGE 2016


 In today’s Kazakhstan the oil and gas sector still keeps the leading role in the system of the national economy that foreshadows the high level of its investment attractiveness.

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«KMG Drilling & Services» LLP - 3 years without LTI

«KMG Drilling & Services» LLP is proud to announce the achievement of a significant milestone in the sphere of Health and Safety. The Employees of SDU "Caspian Explorer" (hereinafter - SDU),  On the 29th January 2015 they have achieved  three years without work-related injuries and lost time injury or any emergencies within the operations of SDU since the end of construction in 2012 and to 29th January 2015 This equates to a total of 1095 days or 761,700 man-hours.  This confirms the high professionalism of the company, which fully complies with the requirements in the sphere of technology of safe operation at an international level.

The entire staff has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, both at sea and on land-based projects, and have received training in operating activities of SDU, and have valid certificates and diplomas required to work in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea.

The entire staff has been trained on the labour protection, industrial safety requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and survival at work on the sea, there are regularly conducted, various exercises for readiness to respond to emergency situations, In 2013 the crew carried out 91 exercises, and in 2014, 105 exercises such as personnel muster, the release of hydrogen sulfide, abandonment of the rig, man overboard, the transfer of victims, casualty handling, first aid, fire drill and others.

In accordance with the regulations on the SDU there are sanitary facilities and recreation rooms, a dining room for meals, cabins with shower and toilet facilities, changing rooms, lounge with satellite TV, and 24 hour laundry

In accordance with the standards established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, «KMG D & S» LLP workers are provided with personal protective equipment, special clothing, footwear, equipment necessary to prevent incident and harm, detergents and disinfectants, stretchers, first aid kits, anti- burn sets etc. Workshops are equipped with eyewash stations and there is a fully equipped clinic onboard.            

HSE Supervisors, together with Doctor hold weekly hygiene inspections of the living quarters.

In addition on the SDU there is a “Safety Observation System" the purpose of which is to identify potential hazards or conditions and ensures their elimination. The best authors are given gifts and certificates. In this system any person on the SDU can participate, regardless of their positions. In 2013, there were a total of 600 observations, in 2014, 609 observations.

Within the Operations Office based in the city of Aktau, an annual external audit is conducted on the safety management systems by the auditors of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping to verify the "Document of Compliance" of «KMG Drilling & Services» LLP which confirms that the company's safety management system meets the requirements of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code).

Because of the continuous commitment to safety, operational and management personnel have avoided any work-related injuries and emergency situations.

High professionalism of the employees is further confirmed the by letters of appreciation №13-366 dated September 05, 2013 and №14-753 of 20 November 2014, from the client “Zhambyl Petroleum” LLP for the work completed during the drilling and testing of exploration wells ZB-1 and ZT- 1 of Zhambyl field in 2013 and 2014. These comment on the high level of skill provided in the provision of engineering support, professionalism and commitment of the drilling team to world-class standards in the provision of services.

INFORMATION concerning social objects' construction on Zhetybai and Kalamkas fields.

“KMG Drilling & Services” LLP structural subdivisions jointly with its subsidiary dependent entities are performing a set of construction activities aimed at improvement of social and living conditions for employees of the subsidiaries. As of December 2, 2014, construction and repair works are at full speed at the construction sites of social facilities and amenities on Zhetybai and Kalamkas fields.

As of today thirteen demountable building modules have been installed at the construction site of dormitory for “OCC” LLP employees on Kalamkas field. Sewage wells are installed and plastic pipes for external and internal networks of communication and heat supply are laid out.

As previously reported, 14 containers intended for assembly of the changing room building, where as of today four containers have been already heat insulated and in full finished inside, were sent to PC "Kerege Alatau" LLP base located in Zhanaozen town on 19.11.2014.

90% of construction works are completed at the football grounds built on the territory of the rotation village of Zhetybai and Kalamkas fields. Football fields are equipped with all-weather sports-grounds covered by high quality artificial turf. Installation of ЗD barriers is close to its completion.

Subsidiary dependent entity "Oil Construction Company" LLP has in full completed infrastructure development and asphalt paving on the territory of Zhetybai Construction –Installation Service with total area of 7680m2, Transport and Special Machines Unit of Kalamkas field with total area of 8944m2, and Zhetybai Utility Vehicles of "OTK" LLP with area of 9322 m2 .

Day of the First President was celebrated in KMG

Mentorship school, key takeaways of the invaluable life experience which the honorary persons of Kazakhstan share with young generation have already become the heart-warming tradition in the National Company "KazMunayGas". For the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan the main oil company of our country arranged the meeting with eminent public and state figures of our republic for young professionals.

Serik Abdenov, Managing Director for Human Resources Management and Labor Remuneration of JSC "NC"KazMunayGas" opened the meeting and introduced the guests. He noted that thanks to real-life images of such successful personalities, honorary citizens of Kazakhstan the young people get high stimulus for further development and achievement of new ambitious goals. And all that ultimately brings positive results in the activities aimed at the powerful and prosperous Kazakhstan building.

Marfuga Aitkhozhina, a well-known poetess of Kazakhstan was given the floor to speak first. Her speech added lyrical nature to the meeting. She recited poems devoted to Motherland and love and each poetry reciting was preceded by interesting stories about life and art. 

More businesslike tonality was given to the event by Bolat Akhmetgaliev, a well-known statesman, professor and Cavalier of Dostyk Order.

"In my life I had to work in the most diverse places and different countries. I started my way in the city of miners Karaganda where I became acquainted personally with the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. But wherever I was in my duty bound – at the mine or in Presidential Administration, Central Office of Government or Ethiopia savannas, in the CIS inter-state structures or academic lecture halls – I everywhere  continued to be a believer in a strong state caring of the motherland benefit" – B. Akhmetgaliev pointed out in his speach.

Calling on to young people he emphasized that we all got lucky to live in independent Kazakhstan being an established strong state. And today the young generation objective is to inherit the helm of their fathers and grandfathers making their best for their Motherland prosperity.

Theme of patriotism was also endorsed by Oralbai Abdykarimov – the state figure who in the course of his eventful carrier held such posts as State Secretary, Chief of Presidential Administration, and Deputy of the Parliament Senate. He knows it not from hearsay what the service for the native land benefit means. As O.Abdykarimov noted: "For the years of independence Kazakhstan under the leadership of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev always carried out and is carrying out the multi-vector policy of good neighborhood and collaboration. At that in the country the successful steps were and are unfailingly taken to build statehood and to improve the economy. That is why Kazakhstan of today is one of the most dynamically developing countries in the world. And the goal to join the ranks of the most developed countries is not already just dream but it is the absolute reality".

He also underlined that exactly such young persons as "KazMunayGas" professionals are those who face to continue this not easy but extremely important work. 

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